Things I Love about Walt Disney World: Shopping

I have a lot of different interests and things that I like to do, but when I can find a way to combine my interests it’s a double win. I love going to Disney World and I love shopping. These are my two favorite things to do, so I LOVE it when I can do them both at once.

Shopping at Disney World!!! There is so much shopping to be done at the world. I have shopped there very often and I’m yet to make a dent.

The first place I always stop is the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. It is officially the world’s largest Disney Store and quite overwhelming.

You can buy ANYTHING in this store. I like to hit this store to buy a disney charm for my Pandora charm bracelet. There is a whole room filled to the brim with princess stuff. Full costumes with accessories are available of EVERY disney princess. There is even a salon just for little girls where they can get princess makeovers.

The most important thing to buy at Disney World is a pair of mouse ears, otherwise people won’t believe that you’ve really been to Disney World.

There is a whole shop in the Magic Kingdom that just sells hats. You can even customize your own pair of mouse ears.

In Epcot, I like to shop my way around the world. Every country has wares to buy from that specific country. A few of my favorite:

Mexican carved figurings

Magic Lamps from Morocco

And Lavender Soaps from France

Jane Shepherd is a fellow Disney World shopper. “The first time I took my kids to Disney World I was expecting Mickey Mouse tee shirts and not a lot else. Boy was I surprised, now one of the things I most look forward to about going is the shopping,” said Shepherd.

So much shopping to do and so little time! Who knew there was so much stuff to buy in Disney World?

For more information about shopping around Walt Disney World, check out this article:

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