Halle’s Top 10 Disney Picks

Since I’ve spent quite a bit of time mentioning things I love about Walt Disney World, I thought I would offer a different perspective.

I present Halle’s Top 10 Disney Picks:

Things I Love about Walt Disney World: Shopping

I have a lot of different interests and things that I like to do, but when I can find a way to combine my interests it’s a double win. I love going to Disney World and I love shopping. These are my two favorite things to do, so I LOVE it when I can do them both at once.

Shopping at Disney World!!! There is so much shopping to be done at the world. I have shopped there very often and I’m yet to make a dent.

The first place I always stop is the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. It is officially the world’s largest Disney Store and quite overwhelming.

You can buy ANYTHING in this store. I like to hit this store to buy a disney charm for my Pandora charm bracelet. There is a whole room filled to the brim with princess stuff. Full costumes with accessories are available of EVERY disney princess. There is even a salon just for little girls where they can get princess makeovers.

The most important thing to buy at Disney World is a pair of mouse ears, otherwise people won’t believe that you’ve really been to Disney World.

There is a whole shop in the Magic Kingdom that just sells hats. You can even customize your own pair of mouse ears.

In Epcot, I like to shop my way around the world. Every country has wares to buy from that specific country. A few of my favorite:

Mexican carved figurings

Magic Lamps from Morocco

And Lavender Soaps from France

Jane Shepherd is a fellow Disney World shopper. “The first time I took my kids to Disney World I was expecting Mickey Mouse tee shirts and not a lot else. Boy was I surprised, now one of the things I most look forward to about going is the shopping,” said Shepherd.

So much shopping to do and so little time! Who knew there was so much stuff to buy in Disney World?

For more information about shopping around Walt Disney World, check out this article:

Things I Love about Walt Disney World: Hidden Mickeys

Since I’ve been to Walt Disney World so many times, I’m always looking for something new to make the trip more fun. A few years ago I heard about hidden mickeys in the Disney parks. What are hidden mickeys? Check out this video for the answer!

There are literally THOUSANDS of them all over the place. New hidden mickeys pop up all the time so looking for them has become quite the sport. Some of them are more obvious than others. Some are big, some are small, and some can only be seen while spinning in circles with one eye closed (just kidding)!

Here are some of my favorite that I’ve spotted over the years:

Halle Poleman, a 10 year old Walt Disney World visitor, enjoys looking for hidden mickeys. “I bought a book about where to find hidden mickeys at Disney World and my family and I spend a lot of time looking for them when we are there. It’s something fun to do when we’re waiting in line for rides,” said Halle.

Learn more about the book Halle referenced here: http://www.hiddenmickeysguide.com/

If you want to learn more about hidden mickeys, watch this video:

Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Everything Has a Story

I’ve been going to Disney World with my family since I was three years old and I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about it. Surprisingly, every time I go back I learn something new that makes me appreciate the “magic” of Walt Disney World even more. One of the things I love about Disney World is that everything has a story. There is no purposelessness to anything in the parks. Every ride, attraction, show, resort, restaurant and shop has a story behind it.

The people who create these elements are called “imagineers.” The word is a hybrid of “imagination” and “engineer” and was a term coined by Walt Disney himself. The imagineers are responsible for creating magical worlds and memorable experiences and much of this is done by storytelling. The imagineers put a lot of thought and ideas into their back stories that few people seldom realize. Some of the stories are very elaborate and extensive while others are more simple and straight forward. Some Disney fans have taken it upon themselves to make some of these stories and hidden details better known. One of my favorites:

Windows on Mainstreet U.S.A.

Mainstreet U.S.A. is the first glimpse guests get of the Magic Kingdom and the shop windows along the street are used as the “opening credits” of the park. Names used on windows of various establishments are in honor of important people involved in creating Walt Disney World. Walt Disney’s window is the last window guests come across when walking down Mainstreet because he is the “director” and the director is mentioned last in credits at the beginning of a movie and first in the credits at the end of the film.

Alana Kingsley, a visitor of the Disney parks loves reading the windows on Mainstreet and figuring out who each person is that is referenced. “It’s a really magical touch that the imagineers added. It’s not necessary and most people probably never notice, but it is a nice way to pay homage to important people in the park’s history,” said Kingsley.

Thousands of people visit the Magic Kingdom everyday and most of them never notice these little details. Check out this video about a model day at the Magic Kingdom.

Information about these windows comes from: http://www.mouseplanet.com/7095/Windows_on_Main_Street_Part_1

For more Walt Disney World backstories check out this blog: http://land.allears.net/blogs/jackspence/

Students for Concealed Carry at TU

Last Wednesday night, Students for Concealed to Carry held a meeting at the University of Tulsa to raise student awareness about gun control laws and the second amendment. The grass roots organization invited representatives from the National Rifle Association of America to speak to students.

Krista Cupp and Brent Gardner gave presentations trying to convince students to rally and support the protection of the second amendment. Many facts were presented, all of which came from either the FBI or other government organizations. All of the facts seemed to be one sided and completely in support of the pro gun campaign.

The meeting and the representatives were interesting, the most interesting being Krista Cupp. She presented on the history of the NRA and gun control myths. Krista wasn’t what I pictured when I thought of someone from the NRA. She was tall, blonde, and wore a dress and four inch heels. She said things like “this simply isn’t true” a lot.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I’m not sure if I was persuaded one way or another, but I did learn a lot about the NRA and its mission. It would be interesting to attend an event hosted by the opposition.



Launch your Entrepreneurial Journey

I recently wrote this story for a journalism class I’m taking at school:
On March 10 Tulsa Community College announced a new program to take entrepreneurs from idea to business in 16 weeks. This innovative and non traditional program, Launch your Entrepreneurial Journey, will feature a coaching and mentorship relationship between 15 selected entrepreneurs and 42 thought leaders from some of Tulsa’s most innovative endeavors.
Thought leaders for the launch were chosen because of their expertise and experience in start up businesses. Each thought leader is tailored to a specific section of the program, some specializing in business plans, some branding, some intellectual property, some marketing as well as a slew of other necessary steps to starting a successful business.
The launch program is the brain child of Sean Griffin, Director of Entrepreneurial Programs for TCC. Griffin has a multitude of experience with entrepreneurial adventures, having created 25 profit and non profit corporations.
Griffin cites two main goals for the launch project: to create a culture of business startups in Tulsa, and more importantly to give people the skills they need to understand what it takes to start business.
Griffin says the partnership with TCC came about because “they were willing to stretch out of the box. They took a risk giving me the freedom and flexibility to design a non traditional program because they understand the importance of doing something different.”
Anyone with an idea for a business start up is eligible to apply for the launch program. Griffin hopes the program will help people who would not normally get the opportunity to get their start up going. The program is for people that are passionate about starting a business and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. About the intensity of the program Griffin said “I do aniticipate that some people will fall off and not be able to take it. It will be like The Biggest Loser. It will transform people’s lives.”
It will transform people’s lives because at the end of the 16 weeks, each of the 15 selected entrepreneurs will walk away with a concrete incorporated entity that they can immediately begin marketing.
The fee for the launch program is $1250 and partial scholarships are available. Online applications will be taken until April 12. For more information visit http://launchyourejourney.com/.

This sounds like a really cool program and the concept got me thinking. I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur! I’m going to take my knowledge about Walt Disney World and create a series of online guide books. Hopefully it will take off. It’s still in the early stages of planning right now, but check back soon for updates!

Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Magical Moments

So there pretty much isn’t anything at Disney World that I DON’T like, but my favorite things are all the magical moments to be had. Seriously, ANYTHING can happen there. Here are some examples.

Dressing up like your favorite princess and posing in front of the castle.

Snow falling…in FLORIDA!

An icy castle.

Elephants really can fly.

Having breakfast with the mouse.

Riding in the front of the monorail.

Wearing silly t-shirts.

Just chillin’ in Minnie’s house.

Kids doing silly things….

And adults doing silly things.

And best of all, there’s always a princess on hand to sign autographs.

There’s a lot of things I love about Disney World, but there’s one thing I hate.

Coming home!!!

Thanks for following along with me this week, I hope you all enjoyed it!

Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Huge Spectacles

Disney does entertainment right. They do it bigger and better than everyone else and on a massive scale that accommodates thousands of people everyday. There are stage shows, 3D shows, parades, and firework spectaculars. No matter how many times you see them, they are still quite impressive.

Lights, Motors, Action! Stuntshow- Crazy stunts performed with cars and boats. Lots of fire and crashing into things. It’s quite impressive and you feel like you’re on the set of a movie.

Beauty and the Beast, Live on Stage- A Broadway style stage show with LOTS of singing and dancing to all the best songs from the movie. Very cool costumes!

Finding Nemo, The Musical- The coolest stage show, all done with puppets. Those things are amazing, and Dory just cracks me up! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Festival of the Lion King- Crazy fun show with lots of opportunities to sing and dance. Timon and Pumbaa are funny and there are a lot of swinging monkeys and stilt walkers. Always a good time.

Things I Love About Walt Disney World-Traveling Around the World

I absolutely LOVE Epcot because you can travel all the way around the world in an afternoon. Really, 11 countries are represented with authentic food, shopping, and entertainment. It’s my favorite way to spend the day at Disney World. You learn a lot, and you never know who you’ll run in to.

Mexico- A mexican marketplace complete with Mariachi band. It’s really inside an ancient Aztec pyramid, but you feel like you’ve been transported to another place. Lots of shopping to do here!

Norway- This quaint Norwegian village even has a picturesque waterfall, just watch out for Viking ships!

China- Mulan and Mushu usually hang around, since they like, saved it, you know?

Quite majestic!

Germany- It’s Oktoberfest all year long in this Bavarian village. Brats and beer are the specialty, and shopping for stuffed bears. Did you know stuffed toy bears were invented in Germany?

Morocco- Perhaps the most authentic of all World Showcase pavillions. The King of Morocco sent his personal architects to oversee the project. This winding bazaar is a great place to shop.

Italy- La Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace are recreated here. There’s lots of fun Carnival masks to try on. And chocolate.

Japan- It’s really cool. There’s a major department store featuring all the Hello Kitty you could want, a candy making lady, a pick-a-pearl jewelry station, and these really cool drummers.

France- Wine, chocolate, Eiffel Tower, and occasionally characters from Beauty and the Beast. There is also an AMAZING pastry shop. We usually spend quite a bit of time there.

The United Kingdom- Possibly my favorite pavilion in Epcot because you just never know who will turn up here. Mary Poppins, Alice, the British Invasion band, and plenty of fish and chips.

Canada- Beautiful gardens and totem poles occupy the same space. Canada is an interesting country. It’s BIG.

There you go, three continents in one theme park. It’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon and it’s quite an adventure to eat your way around the park.

Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Thrill Rides

Another thing I love about Disney World is the awesome rides.  There’s no place better than Disney for some real thrills.

Expedition Everest-my absolute favorite thrill ride is full of twists, drops, and backwards turns all while being chased by a ferocious yeti, the guardian of the forbidden mountain.

Test Track- A fun ride in Epcot.  You go through all the tests a real car goes through at the testing facilities.  The highlights are the 60 m.p.h loops around the outside of the testing facility.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster- My other favorite ride at Disney.  What’s better than 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds with multiple inversions all in the dark?  All of the above with Aerosmith music blasting in your ears.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Quite possibly the scariest ride in the entire world.  My knees still knock together while waiting in line.  A 13 story elevator drop-enough said.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- A runaway mine roller coaster with lots of quick dips and turns. Great for all ages.

Splash Mountain- A HUGE drop down a waterfall. Way scary-even for me!

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