Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Everything Has a Story

I’ve been going to Disney World with my family since I was three years old and I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about it. Surprisingly, every time I go back I learn something new that makes me appreciate the “magic” of Walt Disney World even more. One of the things I love about Disney World is that everything has a story. There is no purposelessness to anything in the parks. Every ride, attraction, show, resort, restaurant and shop has a story behind it.

The people who create these elements are called “imagineers.” The word is a hybrid of “imagination” and “engineer” and was a term coined by Walt Disney himself. The imagineers are responsible for creating magical worlds and memorable experiences and much of this is done by storytelling. The imagineers put a lot of thought and ideas into their back stories that few people seldom realize. Some of the stories are very elaborate and extensive while others are more simple and straight forward. Some Disney fans have taken it upon themselves to make some of these stories and hidden details better known. One of my favorites:

Windows on Mainstreet U.S.A.

Mainstreet U.S.A. is the first glimpse guests get of the Magic Kingdom and the shop windows along the street are used as the “opening credits” of the park. Names used on windows of various establishments are in honor of important people involved in creating Walt Disney World. Walt Disney’s window is the last window guests come across when walking down Mainstreet because he is the “director” and the director is mentioned last in credits at the beginning of a movie and first in the credits at the end of the film.

Alana Kingsley, a visitor of the Disney parks loves reading the windows on Mainstreet and figuring out who each person is that is referenced. “It’s a really magical touch that the imagineers added. It’s not necessary and most people probably never notice, but it is a nice way to pay homage to important people in the park’s history,” said Kingsley.

Thousands of people visit the Magic Kingdom everyday and most of them never notice these little details. Check out this video about a model day at the Magic Kingdom.

Information about these windows comes from:

For more Walt Disney World backstories check out this blog:

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