Students for Concealed Carry at TU

Last Wednesday night, Students for Concealed to Carry held a meeting at the University of Tulsa to raise student awareness about gun control laws and the second amendment. The grass roots organization invited representatives from the National Rifle Association of America to speak to students.

Krista Cupp and Brent Gardner gave presentations trying to convince students to rally and support the protection of the second amendment. Many facts were presented, all of which came from either the FBI or other government organizations. All of the facts seemed to be one sided and completely in support of the pro gun campaign.

The meeting and the representatives were interesting, the most interesting being Krista Cupp. She presented on the history of the NRA and gun control myths. Krista wasn’t what I pictured when I thought of someone from the NRA. She was tall, blonde, and wore a dress and four inch heels. She said things like “this simply isn’t true” a lot.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I’m not sure if I was persuaded one way or another, but I did learn a lot about the NRA and its mission. It would be interesting to attend an event hosted by the opposition.

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