Launch your Entrepreneurial Journey

I recently wrote this story for a journalism class I’m taking at school:
On March 10 Tulsa Community College announced a new program to take entrepreneurs from idea to business in 16 weeks. This innovative and non traditional program, Launch your Entrepreneurial Journey, will feature a coaching and mentorship relationship between 15 selected entrepreneurs and 42 thought leaders from some of Tulsa’s most innovative endeavors.
Thought leaders for the launch were chosen because of their expertise and experience in start up businesses. Each thought leader is tailored to a specific section of the program, some specializing in business plans, some branding, some intellectual property, some marketing as well as a slew of other necessary steps to starting a successful business.
The launch program is the brain child of Sean Griffin, Director of Entrepreneurial Programs for TCC. Griffin has a multitude of experience with entrepreneurial adventures, having created 25 profit and non profit corporations.
Griffin cites two main goals for the launch project: to create a culture of business startups in Tulsa, and more importantly to give people the skills they need to understand what it takes to start business.
Griffin says the partnership with TCC came about because “they were willing to stretch out of the box. They took a risk giving me the freedom and flexibility to design a non traditional program because they understand the importance of doing something different.”
Anyone with an idea for a business start up is eligible to apply for the launch program. Griffin hopes the program will help people who would not normally get the opportunity to get their start up going. The program is for people that are passionate about starting a business and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. About the intensity of the program Griffin said “I do aniticipate that some people will fall off and not be able to take it. It will be like The Biggest Loser. It will transform people’s lives.”
It will transform people’s lives because at the end of the 16 weeks, each of the 15 selected entrepreneurs will walk away with a concrete incorporated entity that they can immediately begin marketing.
The fee for the launch program is $1250 and partial scholarships are available. Online applications will be taken until April 12. For more information visit

This sounds like a really cool program and the concept got me thinking. I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur! I’m going to take my knowledge about Walt Disney World and create a series of online guide books. Hopefully it will take off. It’s still in the early stages of planning right now, but check back soon for updates!

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