Things I Love About Walt Disney World: Huge Spectacles

Disney does entertainment right. They do it bigger and better than everyone else and on a massive scale that accommodates thousands of people everyday. There are stage shows, 3D shows, parades, and firework spectaculars. No matter how many times you see them, they are still quite impressive.

Lights, Motors, Action! Stuntshow- Crazy stunts performed with cars and boats. Lots of fire and crashing into things. It’s quite impressive and you feel like you’re on the set of a movie.

Beauty and the Beast, Live on Stage- A Broadway style stage show with LOTS of singing and dancing to all the best songs from the movie. Very cool costumes!

Finding Nemo, The Musical- The coolest stage show, all done with puppets. Those things are amazing, and Dory just cracks me up! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Festival of the Lion King- Crazy fun show with lots of opportunities to sing and dance. Timon and Pumbaa are funny and there are a lot of swinging monkeys and stilt walkers. Always a good time.

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  1. Aunt Pudge Said:

    Okay, I love the Disney things. l love the action, theater, and characters! But please Caity never, ever, ever, tell Brandt that you have Pirate friends!

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