Things I Love About Walt Disney World-Traveling Around the World

I absolutely LOVE Epcot because you can travel all the way around the world in an afternoon. Really, 11 countries are represented with authentic food, shopping, and entertainment. It’s my favorite way to spend the day at Disney World. You learn a lot, and you never know who you’ll run in to.

Mexico- A mexican marketplace complete with Mariachi band. It’s really inside an ancient Aztec pyramid, but you feel like you’ve been transported to another place. Lots of shopping to do here!

Norway- This quaint Norwegian village even has a picturesque waterfall, just watch out for Viking ships!

China- Mulan and Mushu usually hang around, since they like, saved it, you know?

Quite majestic!

Germany- It’s Oktoberfest all year long in this Bavarian village. Brats and beer are the specialty, and shopping for stuffed bears. Did you know stuffed toy bears were invented in Germany?

Morocco- Perhaps the most authentic of all World Showcase pavillions. The King of Morocco sent his personal architects to oversee the project. This winding bazaar is a great place to shop.

Italy- La Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace are recreated here. There’s lots of fun Carnival masks to try on. And chocolate.

Japan- It’s really cool. There’s a major department store featuring all the Hello Kitty you could want, a candy making lady, a pick-a-pearl jewelry station, and these really cool drummers.

France- Wine, chocolate, Eiffel Tower, and occasionally characters from Beauty and the Beast. There is also an AMAZING pastry shop. We usually spend quite a bit of time there.

The United Kingdom- Possibly my favorite pavilion in Epcot because you just never know who will turn up here. Mary Poppins, Alice, the British Invasion band, and plenty of fish and chips.

Canada- Beautiful gardens and totem poles occupy the same space. Canada is an interesting country. It’s BIG.

There you go, three continents in one theme park. It’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon and it’s quite an adventure to eat your way around the park.

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